READ / Minimum by John Pawson

Contrary to the book title, I have learned a lot in maximum quantity.I am happy that this purist/ redux aesthetic is becoming  my life direction. I know I'm not a very organized person (check my bag and my closet) however , I am a lover of stillness and sterility. I was busy looking for I-D mag or Gentleman on some 2nd hand bookstore but haplessly it was filled with loud InStyle Magazines. My eyes have never been so lambasted. so I scoured old books, coffee table books, and the like. I also asked the help of the  staff to point out fashion books- he gave me the biography of Vicky Beckham. Then my eyes were transfixed at a white book sitting quietly (of course) in the shelf. I grabbed it and before I knew it, I was getting cash in my bag. 
When I feel that there are too much clutters in my head, i open this book. And i want to share this with you.

ART INSTALLATION in Texas  by my fave minimalist artist - Donald Judd..

 Yohji Yamamoto store in Tokyo

SIMPLICITY has a moral dimension, implying selflessness and unworldliness

Minimalism = perfection achieved when it is no longer possible to improve by subtravtion


  1. What a lovely book!

    This reminds me about what I've meaning to say for a while: thank you Karl for all of the great work on this blog over the years. You have such a beautiful and creative spirit--it's truly a joy to behold. Also, I'm so happy for you and Larrend. He really seems like a great guy, and a perfect match for you. Please keep up the excellent blog posts and best of luck with everything in your life! XOXO, Chris

    1. hi Chris.. thanks so so much.. hell be happy to see this.. thanks for reading my blog... i appreciate it so much

  2. This book looks interesting and beautiful. Love the saying of the beauty of the unadorned wall.

    1. you know i would lend you one if we would just be neighbors.. i love you Mel! hugsss