READ / Minimum by John Pawson

Contrary to the book title, I have learned a lot in maximum quantity.I am happy that this purist/ redux aesthetic is becoming  my life direction. I know I'm not a very organized person (check my bag and my closet) however , I am a lover of stillness and sterility. I was busy looking for I-D mag or Gentleman on some 2nd hand bookstore but haplessly it was filled with loud InStyle Magazines. My eyes have never been so lambasted. so I scoured old books, coffee table books, and the like. I also asked the help of the  staff to point out fashion books- he gave me the biography of Vicky Beckham. Then my eyes were transfixed at a white book sitting quietly (of course) in the shelf. I grabbed it and before I knew it, I was getting cash in my bag. 
When I feel that there are too much clutters in my head, i open this book. And i want to share this with you.

ART INSTALLATION in Texas  by my fave minimalist artist - Donald Judd..

 Yohji Yamamoto store in Tokyo

SIMPLICITY has a moral dimension, implying selflessness and unworldliness

Minimalism = perfection achieved when it is no longer possible to improve by subtravtion