PHOTODIARY / 7 months

7 is my fave number. Today is our 7th month anniversary. I don't exactly know how we handle the distance , given our intense love for each other. It's quite ironic that I have maintained a loving relationship with someone who lives 3,122 miles away from me. I guess we really are  a team on this. I don't normally assess things that much but realizing how far we've come, I must really congratulate my other half Larrend for keeping up with me and simply loving me genuinely. We might be so in love in photos but like every couple , we have huge and terrible fights that we keep to each other. Like last night, we were supposed to celebrate it but I fcked up and things went unpleasant. But we fixed it right away. That's the key. You don't stay angry for long at your partner. You get mad and let the anger evaporate. I love my man so much. I hope we can get married soon in Canberra.


  1. Beautiful! Where are your white oxfords from? I am looking for one for a while, give me some tips xx

    1. Thanks hun.. i left a comment on yer latest blog post ... thankssssy hope it helps