OUTFIT / Tokyo 1993

I used to hate Navy when I was small. I remember the nasty high-school boys who gave my mom so much headache in the school library. My mom is a librarian and I used to hang out with her when I was like 4 or 5. "Highschool boys wear navy pants , stay away from them." my mom would always warn me. Moving forward, I think it's the next color I'd choose when I get bored with black.  There's something serious about the color. I can easily attribute it with school and jobs. the color of Uniform. The expensive version of cobalt blue. I wish it will be the next "it" color next season. I would die to see a Navy blue Rick Owens dress worn by Karlie Kloss  or a Midnight Blue coat from Celine.

And how it make my white shoes pop . I mean yeah, any black outfit can make whites pop too but Blue and White are like the 2nd  perfect match (next to black)
Japanese school bag - MIKI House /  Zip jacket - Balenciaga / Sweater- Balenciaga / Pinstripe pants - Zara / shoes - Dr Martens


  1. Love the backpack!



  2. great post! nice outfit. its looking really dope
    i adore the items. my favorite blogger of the moment.

    Greets Jon,