LIFE / 2014

It's gonna be 2014 soon. Is it just me or 2013 went by so fast? I'm so excited in welcoming 2014. One of the highlights of my 2013 was meeting my man Larrend and next year it will be much more fun. We love counting the days and living by it. He is definitely my match , obviously. It sucks that we are spending NYE apart physically but our connection holds strong. We will watch fireworks tonight and send our wishes to the universe. I know all our desires will transpire. So to my friends and readers who'll be spending the big day with their man, cherish it and appreciate the moment. I want to say I'm jealous but there's nothing to be jealous about knowing Larrend and I are doing great as well..


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    1. Thanks reevo for always supporting! Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Years. I just love you two. You both are just so adorable and cute in pics together.

    1. Omg thanks so much Verlyncia! Im so happy! Happy new year babe!