BAG / Handmade

The true value of a creation lies on the time and craftsmanship given to it. It could be a simple sling bag like the one I got from THE LEATHER COMPANY . Raw and Minimal yet functional. The products are all hand-made and hand-stitched. No glue, chemicals or whatsoever were used in the creation of their fine leather goods. I'm really positive about this brand.

Of course , I had it made in white. I may be far too careless but a white bag could save me from my clumsy manners. Well I do   have a small bag collection and  am proud to say that those bags are very friendly no matter where I am. I commute daily and my activities are quite rough for bags but thankfully , they have endured the daily struggles.  I once used this and I could just imagine how I carried it with care against bystanders , strangers , dirty walls and even against my denim pants which could stain the pure white leather.

thin strap that serves as a closure
mushroom buttons for easy adjustment

email them here: theleathercompanyonline@gmail.com