OUTFIT / maxed out

Apologies if my choices in clothes have become minimal and mature. You haven't seen any printed shirts and crazy boots lately, no?  Ive been keeping and repeating favorite pieces , less styled. I was in a crossroad: to wear a green KENZO jumper or choose purity and wear a button down white shirt. So I chose the latter. It's true that blogging made me excited in showing my new purchases before: A pair of  new studded boots,  ripped jeans, leather jackets, etc until the feeling of "what to put in my blog"  changed. From showing it translated into expressing: This is me , this is what i wear.
 I enjoy trendy clothes too from time to time but I'm a rabbit and my usual reflex is to retreat and hold back. When everything begins to look like a carnival , I scoot and stop. The shopping , my growing closet and shoe rack, the online purchasing, the undying wishlist became too much. All of a sudden the weather condition, mood , activities and age  synergistically influenced me to downgrade a bit. But I've always stressed here in my blog the importance of feeling good in whatever you wear. The same feeling for this maxi coat. This is an essential piece and it makes me feel like I belong from  Jil Sander's army...

Maxi coat - 2nd hand korean shop / shirt (inside)- MargielaUNIQLO trousers / leather patent derbies / leather bag / round specs  here (gift from ally)