NEW / Tokyo Elementary

I have a strong penchant for things that emanate the "school boy" charm : derbies, navy , sweaters, and backpacks!    So imagine my utmost joy when I discovered this 90s japanese backpack hanging in the rack of an old Japanese vintage shop. It was perfect. Lanvin and Raf Simons did the structured backpack and since then on , I've lusted for backpacks like Coke on a hot summer.    

The bag is structured like a shell but not too ninja turtle. It's actually tiny than I expected. It's good though for casual days wherein you just wanna carry a bag with only your wallet and pen inside. The burden began when i attempted to put a book (a regular pocket book) inside like schoolboys do. But i like looking at it. Sometimes it makes you feel good when you wear it and you remember the japanese shows you used to watched and somehow you felt connected to it and it makes your outfit super and that's just because of a kid's bag. I really love the Japanese lifestyle and this bag reminds me so much of it.  
Now this is the hard (but fun) part.. The metal clasp closure 


  1. where is this magical Japanese vintage shop you speak of???

    1. it's nearby our house haha.. lucky me. baka ikaw din you will find a jap 2nd hand shop. im pretty sure they have bags like this