OUTFIT / Boys Be

Sometimes, you're in the mood to look like a bad boy even if you're wearing a mascara underneath the sunnies... 
Cotton On cap / ASOS sunnies / OS earrings / Vague shirt / Balenciaga jacket / Paradigm Shift pants / Patent Derbies / Eastpak leather backpack via Menlook


NEW / Tokyo Elementary

I have a strong penchant for things that emanate the "school boy" charm : derbies, navy , sweaters, and backpacks!    So imagine my utmost joy when I discovered this 90s japanese backpack hanging in the rack of an old Japanese vintage shop. It was perfect. Lanvin and Raf Simons did the structured backpack and since then on , I've lusted for backpacks like Coke on a hot summer.    

The bag is structured like a shell but not too ninja turtle. It's actually tiny than I expected. It's good though for casual days wherein you just wanna carry a bag with only your wallet and pen inside. The burden began when i attempted to put a book (a regular pocket book) inside like schoolboys do. But i like looking at it. Sometimes it makes you feel good when you wear it and you remember the japanese shows you used to watched and somehow you felt connected to it and it makes your outfit super and that's just because of a kid's bag. I really love the Japanese lifestyle and this bag reminds me so much of it.  
Now this is the hard (but fun) part.. The metal clasp closure 


OUTFIT / Celined

I instagrammed these  sandals a week ago and here it is! I was keen on making a custom made sandals with thick leather x straps but there's a reason why I saw this rubber slip ons when i visited Marikina (the shoe city ). I was fooled. I thought it was pebbled leather but the whole thing was  made of rubber. It was a perfect timing though since my MUJI slip ons gave up on me 2 days ago. i got a size bigger for more chunky look . Paired it with my drop crotch loose trousers , I couldn't complain more.  If you look closely, the panel can be unbuttoned to change the look. i love clever pants like these.  This is one of my  comfiest day ever.   
COS shirt / Vero Moda pants / Otto (ph) sandals 




Perfection  achieved by combining mass + volume + reduction. Lovin the purist  aesthetic  that the designer, Baumesiter, emanates in this collection.. Someone hype her more please..
Melitta Baumeister                                                                                        


LIFE / Morning Ritual

Usually my bf wakes up earlier than me. He wakes me and implores me to get up and I'd usually bargain for 30 mins more sleep. When i wake up, I narrate my dreams. I love telling my dreams  to him coz they're usually weird and I always remember the scenes in my head .. then we kiss despite of  our morning breaths and oily faces. A hot tea with milk follows afterwards. 

Larrend's Blog: http://www.ninthsheep.com


RUNWAY / The Raw

There's something alluring about raw finishes. it's like a hanging  ending of a movie. The excess threads recount the story behind the creation of a certain piece. Aside from  giving it an organic touch, it undermines the strictness of a tailored coat and it playfully perks up a basic shirt. I love what Calvin Klein did.. A herald of minimal and clean lines, Costa surprised us with interesting raw cuts and stitches plus my favorite feature--- the tromp l'oeil folded pants that transformed the trouser's look , making them bucket-like and shapeless. Another challenging feature since I think it's not a "for-everyone" kind of trend , i think it's quite interesting and fresh.

Calvin Klein S/S 2014                                                            


OUTFIT / Keeping it genderless

Reunited with my rabid desire with drapes and flowy pieces.It's been hanging dormant in my closet and when I tried them on it felt soft and delicate, like Diane Von Frutsenberg kind-a soft however styling is key hence the big shapeless bomber jacket. I may have failed to present the white wrap dress upclose but it has garters that manipulate the pattern. Garters are modern i think (remember Helmut Lang in the 90s?) I love how it en swathes in my body too.
And i can keep on talking all day how a functional bomber jacket saves any outfit..


 bomber jacket : DKNY
white dress: Anteprima
white pants : UNIQLO
Derbies : Dr. Martens


DIY / painted platforms

DIY-ed these platform shoes i got from Harajuku way way back.. the white make over made it look more modern and forward... Coz i love Marques Almeida , second, white shoes are now basic necessities in life...


OUTFIT / maxed out

Apologies if my choices in clothes have become minimal and mature. You haven't seen any printed shirts and crazy boots lately, no?  Ive been keeping and repeating favorite pieces , less styled. I was in a crossroad: to wear a green KENZO jumper or choose purity and wear a button down white shirt. So I chose the latter. It's true that blogging made me excited in showing my new purchases before: A pair of  new studded boots,  ripped jeans, leather jackets, etc until the feeling of "what to put in my blog"  changed. From showing it translated into expressing: This is me , this is what i wear.
 I enjoy trendy clothes too from time to time but I'm a rabbit and my usual reflex is to retreat and hold back. When everything begins to look like a carnival , I scoot and stop. The shopping , my growing closet and shoe rack, the online purchasing, the undying wishlist became too much. All of a sudden the weather condition, mood , activities and age  synergistically influenced me to downgrade a bit. But I've always stressed here in my blog the importance of feeling good in whatever you wear. The same feeling for this maxi coat. This is an essential piece and it makes me feel like I belong from  Jil Sander's army...

Maxi coat - 2nd hand korean shop / shirt (inside)- MargielaUNIQLO trousers / leather patent derbies / leather bag / round specs  here (gift from ally)


LOOKBOOK / Keeping it Low & Classic

I've been keeping my eye on this hi end Korean label - LOW CLASSIC. It's the ACNE x &other stories c COS version of Korea.. Love the pieces! I wish we have something like this in Manila but the kids are okay with   F*rever 21 et al. I understand coz sometimes it's hard to spend things on fashion things alone. The pacing is so fast. Everything is fast. That's why keeping it LOW and Classic is my choice in clothes. No more tiger sweaters and things like that. But I must admit , the Mcartney x Juun J had me caving me in with their pinstripes trend. Everytime I see an office girl in the mall wearing pinstripes uniform, I stop and stare and murmur "It would look 10x okay if her coat is oversize like XXL. Lately , Ive been looking for  pinstripes in fabric shops too . It's quite tricky coz the banker businessman stigma is so strong here and you wouldn't want friends to ask "hey whats up with the lawyer outfit" .. But yeah these are my fave pieces.

LOW CLASSIC                                                                                  


OUTFIT/ Memorial Park

I may not be a fan of Halloween parties but I love All Soul's day. I look forward to it every year. Visiting the memorial park brings so much memories. I was looking forward for a serene time but as always the place is a carnival with food stalls and balloons and traffic. Nevertheless I enjoyed the time admiring the green grass and Chinese tombs or Mauseleums. I hope the spirits didn't mind me taking photos in every tomb I spotted. I was brave enough to wear my white creepers , dreaming  that the grass would be wet like it was 1997. Unfortunately it was dried by the 4pm sun.. The grass was green and boring but I love the photos i took and it made me all excited. i recited a prayer for the family but i no longer memorize Hail Holy Queen and the rosary but we prayed deeply that day.

I love my outfit that day to. I look like someone from a Chinese 70's film.
btw .. #prayforPhilippines, everyone!


Leather jacket - H&M / shirt - fruit of the loom / drop crotch pinstripe pants - Comme des Garcons / DIY Creepers - Gold Dot / backpack - Calvin Klein


SHOP / Black Cult

It's either knit or leather in the game called black.. I love the ACNE card holder the most. Since when did the word ACNE became so attractive and.. Expensive? These items summarize my worldly yet basic wants. Basic and wants seem to be opposing but yeah they exist in my world..

1. A.P.C. Beanie
2. Fratelli Rossetti chelsea boots
3. ACNE leather card holder
4. Dr Martens quilt boots
5 DRKSHDW by Rick Owens oversized shirt
6. 3.1 Phillip Lim eagle  shirt
7. A.P.C. leather purse

shop everything HERE


LIFE / 6 months

Being with my boyfriend proved to be a life-changing phase for me. It's true that when you're with your man, you tend to enjoy each other's company. You could be alone together and yet you wouldn't care about the surroundings. We were alone , taking numerous photos and laughing at our candid shots and for me this is simple joys that even a new pair of shoes can't give... 

Happy 6th month anniversary to us!

 Karl: OS cap / Vague sweater / UNIQLO pants / Dr Martens shoes
Larrend : OS cap / Vague Sweater / gray shorts / Rick Owens sneakers