RUNWAY / Long . Square and Lean

At last! The best show for me. Well Rad is the only designer i look forward in every season that i CRUSH on even before  i see it. I just trust the designer so much and I will like whatever he creates. For example . the heeled loafers. Not a fan, never been  crazy about it until I saw the RAD pieces with the square toe loafers. I went in the department store last night to see if there's any heeled loafers available. To my dismay there's none. I could always ask my lovely shoemakers for a sample lol. That's how RAD inspires me. Thank God my penchant for footwear has become  more "basic x wearable". Gone are the days of lusting over 6 inch wedges. The future is functionality and this collection speaks volumes of it.

The leather vest dress is one of the key pieces I've repeatedly felt this season. Do you think it's the new biker vest? Plus the origami shorts that might be  more ubiquitous ( hey Zara are you listening?) for the next few weeks... I just love the tailored trousers that change the shapes of the legs, elongating it more and cutting the curves. And the sleek hair and structured backpacks. This is me! Whenever i question myself - "what i want to wear, how i wana look like " , I would immediately think of RAD then  the world becomes clearer.  If these 2d images of mine doesnt give justice, then here's a post from my lady LOVE AESTHETICS ... shes so lucky to be able to visit the showroom..

Thanks to nowfashion.com for the images. i havent seen any RAD photos when i google them. so weird.

            RAD by RAD Hourani                                             

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