OUTFIT / What is White

In the beginning there was light. Light is power , an  energy. It has always been incorporated with a feeling of amazement . Whenever we see something clean and white and spotless , we stop and stare , we are stunned. Maybe because it's still unusual to see something so pure and vivid and real during these times ..Some people would always opt for sugary pastels and saturated crayola shades all in one outfit versus white. What is white anyway? "It's not even visible". Whites are for stiff people .How can you enjoy the club and get dirty  in  white trousers. Well maybe white doesn't exist mainly just to be seen , but rather to be felt. It's more of an emotion, an atmosphere, a clean ambiance. Perhaps, it would be so difficult to wear white with an evil heart.. Well some politicians can.
I love white.


CAP- cotton on / shirt - UNIQLO / neckpiece - MMM X H&M / Skirt- Costume National / pants - UNIQLO / shoes - Dr Martens

photo by Larrend