OUTFIT / leather and zoo

Wearing leather pants like it's a pair of joggers is my sin. I'm so excited to take them out until my dad told us that he wanted to visit the zoo with the family. It was a hot deadly Sunday. However these pants aren't the usual skinny ones. They're a bit loose , crumply , and oddly longer than my legs which I like especially when i wear platforms with them.. Once you own real leather pants, you begin not wearing faux leather pants no? The beautiful  ruggaes and pores and attractive sheen against the light amaze me. I felt weird inside  though  wearing leather pants around the animals here

Nordstrom shirt / Calvin Klein leather  backpack / LOEWE biker pants / RL leather sandals


  1. Perfect bw casual outfit. I wish you took a snap of the back pack I am looking for one myself leather of course xx

    1. thanks dear.. how about trying your luck at menlook.com.. they have leather backpack too