OUTFIT / Mugler and more

My Mugler blazer came  just in time for Halloween (?) and to satisfy my blazer cravings. I hate you Stella McCartney for making  me drool with office wear turns fashion essentials. You know the big ol' blazers-  structured, sweet and tough paired with her lug sole boots ..were divine. but this minimal and extra big coat isnt that bad too.. It's so big that it makes my head small like Agyness in a Burberry campaign back in the day.  

Thierry Mugler  oversized  blazer / Gold Dot tank top / thrifted Leather skirt / Messeca boots via Solestruck


ACCESSORIES / Secretary eyes

The lovely people at Glasseshop sent me these eyewears. I've always thought that wearing glasses are a way of adding character to one's personality. Since I'm all engrossed with the " school -vibe 90s" look, I opted for their rectangle frames. Highschool is back! lol

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I started blogging in 2009. We all know that in any pre-blogging phase, there involves a lot of fan-reading and ogling and  the "getting-inspired" mood and yeah DIRTY FLAWS was one of my go-to blogs back in the day (up until now). So when my good friend JAKE ANDREW , a menswear blogger +  budding Australian accessory / silversmith told me about his exciting collaboration with the author of dirtyflaws I was very happy. Collaborate and create is always the key and this one is an exceptional team-up..

Speaking of collaborations, the lovely photos were taken by his man , Char Alfonzo... 

What led you to the inception of the dirty flaws x d&q collab

Drawn&Quartered has been entirely established online. I've been in contact with Nikki Moose for a couple of years, sharing the online experience, sending her products to share with her readers and learning about effectively blogging on The Boys for boys. We got along so well that we began chatting all the time and D&Q always got a great response from her followers. So I approached her with an idea for this collaboration and it developed quite organically, things worked and other things didn't but the results speak for themselves. I guess it came out of a friendship and respect for one another, it's exciting to work with people who get what you do and who look good in it!

What was your inspiration? What is the meaning of fangs behind the concept?

Dirty Flaws. Nikki's blog has evolved a lot and so has her style. More specifically, the inspiration came from the desert. I had in my head the textures of the landscape, cracked earth, sand dunes, erosion, how hostile and violent it is. While designing it didn't seem enough to only mimic those textures found on pieces like V, VII and VIII. I began to consider what and who lives in such a place. They're not really fangs, I like to consider them beastly but open for interpretation. On the bangle for instance they look more like ox horns or they could also be pincers like those of a scorpion. I wanted them to feel as though they were crafted by people of the land who were influenced by their surroundings.

What music did you listen to in the design process of the pieces?

hmmmm it's hard to say. Usually in the studio I like to listen to soundtracks from movies like Natural Born Killers, The Exorcist and movies by people like Gregg Araki and George A Romero. I did listen to How Do You Fell by Zebra Katz ft Michele Lamy because there are a few creative people like her that will always influence my work in some way and I like to think "would they wear this?" as I design.

How do d&q operate? Do you do things all by yourself or you have a team?

In terms of design and production I do that myself. I have a few people across the globe whose opinions I highly respect and they see the process as I ask for their opinions. It's important though to find the right people to do the rest. For instance, I wanted Char Alfonzo to shoot our look book. He's an incredible photographer film director whose work is always on point. Char was given creative freedom over the look book and his direction of the styling, makeup and lighting created what you see and it perfectly represents the collection. I suppose in terms of a team, yes there is one. I don't have staff or an assistant or intern, I may conceive the ideas and do all the physical labor but I feel it's important to share my ideas and listen to those whose voices I respect for my work to achieve it's full potential.

Photography by Char Alfonzo

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OUTFIT / leather and zoo

Wearing leather pants like it's a pair of joggers is my sin. I'm so excited to take them out until my dad told us that he wanted to visit the zoo with the family. It was a hot deadly Sunday. However these pants aren't the usual skinny ones. They're a bit loose , crumply , and oddly longer than my legs which I like especially when i wear platforms with them.. Once you own real leather pants, you begin not wearing faux leather pants no? The beautiful  ruggaes and pores and attractive sheen against the light amaze me. I felt weird inside  though  wearing leather pants around the animals here

Nordstrom shirt / Calvin Klein leather  backpack / LOEWE biker pants / RL leather sandals


SHOES / Dream Derbies (and more)

My favorite shoes happen to be all in LN-CC.. and apparently they're haplessly expensive. It's my first time to know about the label - Individual Sentiments which reverberates the Margiela aesthetic.  Damir Doma's  version of creepers are forward and elegant with the metallic green accent. Plus Achilles of Ion which explores more on upgrading the classic form of derbies and combat boots. Barny Nakhle's chunky offering left me drooling too. The textured leather is just  so tempting.. Ets Callatay's derbies are  minimal yet it has the most interesting pattern. But my top fave would be Yang Li's lace derby which is the most intellectual + functional , I think.


LIFE / all out love

I miss my boyfriend so much... I wish I held hands with him in the mall more often when we were together.. I'm shy and it's bad. I hate stares and judging eyes so I avoid being stared at. Larrend is so touchy and sometimes I warn him that people here are scary and we might get into trouble . I feel guilty most of the time coz there's always something holding us back. However we make up for everything when we are together and alone. Looking forward in seeing him next year. 

me: top- Lanvin / schoolboy shorts - Giordano / Jeffrey Campbell  shoes


DIY / Pointed and Painted

Found this decaying pointed wedge in the thrift store the other day. It's been a while that i DIY-ed something and the result made me happy. Margiela, thank you for the inspiration.


OUTFIT / plus plus size

Inspired by  the good ol' Celine' formula:  big upper, cropped pants, square toe boots. What's not to love about celebrating basics?  This oversized blazer can work as a shirt too considering that its made of light twill ( without any lining) .  There's something nonchalant and charming whenever i wear something that is supposedly not for me. Like this big boxy blazers that make my head float. Normally , I'm a size Small but no thanks. I wear big shoes too... I love playing with my toes inside the toe box and i love the look of my big shoes versus my small legs. I wish I was carrying books or a big clutch with my hair unkempt , pretending I have cigarette breath while waiting for a friend to go to some art exhibit at 3pm. You, French kids. 

oversized blazer - A.P.C. / trousers  - Mercibeaucoup Japan / leather square toe boots 


RUNWAY/ White crispy

My kind of uniform...if id own a school one day, I'd command the students to copy this hairdo. Boyish but experimental, part 90s- part Startrek. I'd impose a uniform: White, boxy and Ironed. TheIr grade would largely depend on how neat their white shirts are. The Apron shirt is for Home Economics and the lacoste-like pique shirt for sports day . The all white three piece for worship day if there's any.  It would impossibly be hot and humid , but I'd ask them to wear long lab coat tunic-like shirts paired with cropped pants for ventilation. And derbies! They'll be only allowed to wear patent derbies without socks. Only boys shall enter my school =).

Duckie Brown S/S 14


LIFE / Red Surprise

My sweet man, Larrend,  sent me this beautiful roses a week after our 5th month anniversary.It came with a 
small teddy he named "buddy bear" and chocolates plus a small balloon ... A love letter followed shortly..
Must be valentines, man! Well everyday is ever since I met him. 


OUTFIT / carpe denim

Marques Almeida S/S 2013  made me go back with denims. Part DIY/ Part couture. I enjoyed the result of my destroyed Levis. My mom was furious when she learned that's a pair of Levis. It also caused me to be  lectured about how she struggled to save up for a pair back during the day. But I like the shape of the jeans more after it has been "violated".  Sometimes, things are more meant to be changed , destroyed, overhauled to further see its beauty or what not...

oversized vest - thrifted / Fruit of the Loom shirt / Levis denim / DIY handpainted platforms


ESSENTIALS / Shine Versus Dirty

Presents from my man.. 
Scent is really important so when my bf gave me his body spray i was thrilled. The price sent me shivers too (P1250 for a bottle??) The scent triggers happy mem'ries of us back when we were together and it's quite helpful especially when sadness kicks in. This digital watch he gave me is nice too. He thought I'd love the minimal design but it's funny coz until now we can't figure out how to sync the time but I love wearing it as a wristcandy though. He is a big fan of PAULA'S CHOICE and I'm glad he let me try their shine stopper cream. Paula'sChoice is  now available here in the Philippines too..