RUNWAY / Posh + Shapes

I reckon these looks will be in Zara soon.. The ethos of Vicky Beckham centers on the ease of tailored classics which breathes refined androgyny. Boxy peek-a-boo fabrics that seems to be constructed with ease and fluidity by the designer. Plus the lovely mules by the Manolo Blahnik.  The laser cut details were reminiscent of Issey Miyake and Pugh....
My instinct never failed me. I've loved Posh (among the 4 girls, basically because she looked so mature) since I was 10 and there are hundreds of reasons now to love her more. I also bought an old ELLE magazine with her on the cover  the other week and I've just followed her on IG. Posh fan again but for  a different realm.

Victoria Beckham S/S14                                                


  1. I've been admiring Victoria Beckham's work however this is the first collection where I kept nodding at everything. The looks may get reworked by Zara but I think I want the originals. So crisp.