OUTFIT/ Leather be light

My dad was painting my shoe closet in white that day.  The transformation of the furniture from old wood to matte white inspired me. I knew I just had to take photos of me wearing this white hooded shirt from Overture Taiwan. It's so pristine and strong at the same time considering the unique leather panel that can be detached from the shirt. I really want white at this moment. Sometimes I think mad and I just wanna repain everything in white: our grey fridge, my blue fan, my brown vintage closet... Margiela is such a great influence.

hoodie shirt - Overture Taiwan / H&M Margiela neckpiece / Gold Dot Lexi  boots / ASOS pants


  1. I aspire to have your closet. Can you tell me where you get your clothes Karl?

  2. Tristan!! i have the simplest clothes hehe thanks so much.. i shall reveal my shopping destnations soon haha