FEATURES/ featured designer for STATUS

Weeks prior the shoot, I received a text from Rita Faire that I will be featured for their Sept issue along with designer Norman Noriega. It was my second  time to visit the STATUS HQ but their new office is magnificent  . The mix of modern and industrial transported me to NYC although i've never been there lol.  I went there after work and after battling the terrible traffic, I was inside their super cozy and hip space. When i went in, the make up artist was already attending to Ornussa Cadness and i was  next.  Sonny Thakur was our photog and yeah the shoot was a quick one and of course i took photos of the place!

yeah i got to share the dressing room with Ornussa too...

Thanks to #STATUS : Rosario Herrerra , Zoe Laurente , Loris Pena and Rita Faire!!!


omg i forgot the dog's name! 
cute things

my chic MUA 
Larrend helped me style my outfit =)
Muh-kati city

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