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They say that fashion , trends, styles are reincarnation of another season / era.  My friends who are frequent thrift store rats can tell. Drapes, padded jackets, cropped, sheer  and all those shebang are getting a throwback realness in the contemporary fashion. One example is this NICK COLEMAN biker americana  my friend bought for me. I just learned that Mr. Coleman is an English designer in the late 80s to early 90s known for his sleek tailoring with sportswear sensibilities. Two elements that are peaking in trend right now.   The jacket might have been made in the early 90's but the look and cut and everything are fresh and still wearable without being chronologically alienated by it. I mean yah trends are repeated but designers tweak  and modify them.

The office elements : pinstripes, coats are getting a comeback scene and I am so lucky to have them at this moment. Wearing them made me so happy. I cant wait to share the looks on my next few post~!

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