RUNWAY / that long white vest err dress

Nothing (except for florals) will ever be more groundbreaking than whites and minimal things in  spring



LIFE / Salad day

I will never go hungry when I'm with my man.. He can cook almost anything. I've never tried eating salad for breakfast until he made one for us. It's filled with lots of croutons and cucumber and carrots. It's not surprising that I gained a few pounds when we met this summer.


RUNWAY / Transparental Guidance

School boy shorts. White garbs. Plastic. Sheer. glossy PVC shirts. Peek-a-boo vinyl pockets. 
Spring in New York is so good! Jeremy Laing's show has always been my favorite. It's easy to relate with his designs. It sparks up an inspiration or a nostalgic chunk in your brain (think 90s MTV and Japanese films and sci-fi's in the early 2000's merged into one  )




 A gift from My boyfriend  Larrend .. He is so sweet.
check his newborn blog ...


SHOP / (not so) Blurred Lines

Going graphic has been my greatest temptation in dressing up. I can only wear a certain level of prints and that's it.. Without a doubt, stripes and pinstripes and tartans and strengthen a look but I suggest doing t in small doses. An excess of less is key..  

Handpicked items from MENLOOK.COM

SHOP HERE >> menlook.com


OUTFIT / An excess of less

The  center of my obsession is my coat. I bought it from a random Korean surplus shop the other day..
Things like this don't happen very often. It's very clean and light and forward... During the weekend, I was trying them on with different clothes, different shoes and as expected, the coat mixed very very well. 

coat- Korean surplus / shorts - Calvin Klein / Shoes - Dr. Martens


RUNWAY/ It's a wrap

I gasped when I saw the JW Anderson show my screen  .. again.. Like literally . it brought me joy when I saw the origami-like cropped top wrapping stiffly on the JW ANDERSON models  then I remembered the Duayne Hatchett sculpture I've read from a book years back. The iconic shoulder wraps, that seemed like an extension of Anderson's Fall Winter2013 collection , was present but more inclined/slanted . Very reminiscent of our traditional Baro't Saya. The Geometric forms had me. Footwear? It's officially sandals season no doubt. How smart would it be to pair a highly esoteric outfit with a functional footwear , no? It's growing on me actually... Time to prettify the feet!

JW ANDERSON Spring Summer 2014



MIADORE by Yekky Balingit 

Miadore is  known for its cut to perfection acrylic pieces that redefine the concept of jewelry and accessories.  Miadore has just  released a new collection  that explored more on botanical prints, swarovski intricates and laser cutting with hi impact shapes. I am perpetually impressed at how Yekky designed the thunder-like pattern of his pieces. Yekky extracted his inspiration from mixed  elements of florabotanica x Japan . The atmosphere of the lookbook (which was clean and sparse and striking all at once ) was well executed too (Good job, Mike!).  Yes this is a Filipino label, thank you very much!

Inspired by Japan, ancient tribes and tattoos...A paradox between calm and chaos. Miadore presents an ornate yet offbeat style and new structured layers based on the historical art form.
Created in plexiglass (acrylics) together with a printed material to form a new kind of texture.

Photography: Edrick Bruel
Styling : Mike Magallanes
Art Direction Thysz Estrada


OUTFIT / layers and legs

I must admit, I looked taller in these photos. I always get the "I thought you're tall" comments from people. It hurts so bad.. lol

sweater with leather - H&M / Pants - UNIQLO / boots- Mesecca / vest - Vigor


RUNWAY / Posh + Shapes

I reckon these looks will be in Zara soon.. The ethos of Vicky Beckham centers on the ease of tailored classics which breathes refined androgyny. Boxy peek-a-boo fabrics that seems to be constructed with ease and fluidity by the designer. Plus the lovely mules by the Manolo Blahnik.  The laser cut details were reminiscent of Issey Miyake and Pugh....
My instinct never failed me. I've loved Posh (among the 4 girls, basically because she looked so mature) since I was 10 and there are hundreds of reasons now to love her more. I also bought an old ELLE magazine with her on the cover  the other week and I've just followed her on IG. Posh fan again but for  a different realm.

Victoria Beckham S/S14                                                


NEW / pa(CK) ba(CK)

vintage leather 
backpack : Calvin Klein

Wearing backpacks is way cooler now that I'm an adult. I used to hate wearing one in elementary especially if the only thing inside it are thick Math books and dictionaries. Blame the bad posture and ((ughh) sweaty back to my school bag back in the day. It's odd. Everyone at school wore a backpack and I would proudly use a satchel or  a tote bag (on PE day) just for the sake of being different. and now that I'm supposed to wear something mature, I opted for a 90's backpack that i always wear at work . But hey it's cooler now:  it's leather and there ain't no books  no more.