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Inspiration: Margiela x Muji.. The moment I saw these wood planks on a surplus shop, i immediately bought them. I asked my uncle to repaint my shelves. My kind aunt gave me a plant and my I rearranged my shoes. I even asked her to buy me some bonsai. I need plants and natural things in my room. It refreshes.. it makes my visual experience in touch with reality or I'm getting old? Who knows before I knew it, I'd be planting rosemary and basil in our backyard. Wait we dont have a backyard..
I repainted the corkboard with black and I shall use it as my reminder/moodboard. It's also a perfect place to put photos of me and Larrend.  Before I used to think that a bedroom is just for nap time but it doesnt hurt to put a lil bit of personality. Now I can finally say that I can live here forever. There are some areas that needs improvement but we shall get there soon xxx.

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