LIFE/ new.room

Inspiration: Margiela x Muji.. The moment I saw these wood planks on a surplus shop, i immediately bought them. I asked my uncle to repaint my shelves. My kind aunt gave me a plant and my I rearranged my shoes. I even asked her to buy me some bonsai. I need plants and natural things in my room. It refreshes.. it makes my visual experience in touch with reality or I'm getting old? Who knows before I knew it, I'd be planting rosemary and basil in our backyard. Wait we dont have a backyard..
I repainted the corkboard with black and I shall use it as my reminder/moodboard. It's also a perfect place to put photos of me and Larrend.  Before I used to think that a bedroom is just for nap time but it doesnt hurt to put a lil bit of personality. Now I can finally say that I can live here forever. There are some areas that needs improvement but we shall get there soon xxx.


OUTFIT/ the white thing to do

Wearing heavy and dark pieces  for this rainy weather could only drench my spirits. I opted for a white everything for a day of errands. It was baggy and layered but the lightness emancipates me from this messy wet weather.  I found this big parka vest in a thrift store . I was using the thrift shop as a shade coz i forgot my umbrellies then my vision focused on this white vest hanging on the wall with a SALE tag on it. The images of  Juun J Spring Summer 2013 reverberated in my head . Yes I bought it..

There was no work that day and I grabbed the opportunity to buy things for my little room. I've been preparing for my boyfriend's homecoming and the thought of him living in my room for a week dint only excite me but pressured me to clean up and renovate a little. I was frequently visiting hardware & furniture stores to buy wood planks and shelves and paints with my dad. He was very supportive. I mean for a dad to support you with "boyfriend things", it's quite a lot. Oh and I need to say this on my blog- "I LOVE MY family.

 layered parka vest - thrifted / hanes shirt / cotton on cap / costume national skirt / ASOS white pants / Dr martens derbies / h&m margiela neckpiece


OUTFIT/ Team del Rey

Larrend is such a big fan of Del Rey. I do hope these photos reach her . The varsity shirt is becoming a fast trend,  however I haven't seen anyone made a lana del rey tribute like this one. It's my bday present to him last May.


OUTFIT/ wet and mild

The unrelenting rainshower has prompted me to use a secret weapon I've been keeping in my closet: my cropped patent jacket that matches well with my oil-spill boots from Gold Dot.. There's something fresh and alive about this fabric. It's a strong fabric too. The fact that it shields off water makes it remarkable..

patent coat - hongkong / ASOS shirt / Helmut Lang pants / Gold Dot wedges / 


CLOTHES/ Lanvin sweater

Perfect sweater... I cannot wait to wear them and look decent...


OUTFIT/ Fluidity

Raglan shirt -hongkong / skirt - cos / cheap monday pants / number nine bag / h&m x margiela neckpiece / jeffrey campbell derbies


OUTFIT / Leather be darkness

Chien Huang , the creator of OVERTURE , sent me this awesome hoodie shirt with zip up leather skirt ... It's fun layering it with my existing black outfit.  Check more of their designs/ stuff  here.. Overture is one of the leading indie hi end store in Taipei. Chien sent me a white hoodie as well and I couldnt wait to share them with you...

hooded leather shirt -OVERTURE taiwan / Leather pants / Rick Owens sneakers

LIFE/ Twenty on 21

HAPPY 2OTH Birthday (MAY 21,2013)  to my man ... We decorated his room and invited friends.. After the party, it was only us and I took photos of him. We were so happy and we're eating cake and there were balloons on the wall and LOVE everywhere... xxx


SHOES/ Milky and Chunky

I just need these.... Marques Almeida, you disrupted my peaceful mind...


OUTFIT/ Grown up grunge

 Nothing special. Just me , my big black jacket and my favesie boyfriend jeans. it feels weird me calling it boyfriend jeans since my bf wouldnt  even wear something like this. i am thinking of cutting the hem so it would be raw and updated.I found these jeans in my favorite thrift shop the other week.

CHEAP MONDAY shirt / thrifted pants / TOPSHOP biker / Jeffrey Campbell shoes / Round sunnies



I saw these photos on my dad's desktop. He was like " Hey look at mama, she's so pretty back then"
I was mesmerized too! I couldnt believe that the skinny girl with high cheekbones and strong jaw is my mom. I love how she dresses too. I was encouraging her yesterday to get her skinny back but she;s 55 now. i also realized our strong resemblance. As I mature, my face is becoming more of her. I used to think that I look like my dad.

This post cant wait for Thursday no more



RUNWAY / Balenciaga SS14

this is how Balenciaga defines BASIC ..  and i love the guy's hair!!