PHOTODIARY / love beach

It was election day in the Philippines when we went to the beach. It was a "fail" trip at first actually . There were no rooms. We reserved a week prior but when we reached the resort, our reservation cannot be found.  When we were given a room, the room was hideous. The aircon was crappy, there was no water in the toilet, ugly pillows and bed... So we both decided to just go home haha. There were no resto personnels because it was holiday. But  instead of going home, we just  went to the beach and took photos.. i dont really swim in the beach but I did enjoy the scneneries and the fact that I am in the beach with my Larrend. Our love beach haha

I would go back here just to bring back the memories again.
**yey for the gloomy beach weather




  1. Sad situation with the room. But your photos are so amazing and really inspiring! I'd like to visit Philippines someday :)