LIFE/ 2!

It's our 2nd monthsary today! Days prior, we planned a facetime date to celebrate our monthsary at 12 midnight. last night, I got home from work excited for that date but I was stupefied when i learned that the internet connection was so crapp I have no 3G in my area so I am relying on the wifi but last night the wifi was so crappy. We always "facetime" but if the connection is so poor, i always end up talking to a "robotic" Larrend. From 10pm to 1150pm (Australian time) i was fixing the connection , almost giving up and at exactly 12am- there was wifi! We were facetiming and eating our lollies and cakes (which was a coincidence) . not healthy i know! i love you universe! i love you Larrend!

i love this guy so much xxx

mornings should be like this!!!

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