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 This is an early birthday present from my favorite shoe label - FEMININE AND MASCULINE!
It is a Mexican shoe label founded by Francisco Rodriguez. I discovered the brand on Solestruck.  I followed their instagram and liked all the shoes I saw. Then after 2 days, I had an online  tete-a-tete with the PR. They're so sweet and they told me that they have been looking for my blog for quite some time. I've always loved receiving gifts from brand that I really believe in.. We all know the scenario in the blogsphere nowadays and it can always be so hilarious ( i have 650 followers, collaborate with me, give me free stickers and shoes and money) I know coz i work as a marketing officer in Gold Dot and the blogger's emails are the most surprising. Like,
"Girl, wake up girl try fixing your photo layout first" ! jk ...haha 

But this is a gift I wholeheartedly accepted because simply i like it and it was a gift from a brand i like.

  I love how sturdy  , functional and sleek these shoes are. They are so well-made plus the smell of croc leather is spell binding. 

I wore them one day since I miss wearing heels and surprisingly it was comfortable. I only have to change shoes when I commute coz the streets in Manila can be so unforgiving and these babies dont deserve to be damaged or whatsoever. I love how it makes the look ala Rad Hourani too.

will abuse these shoes more xxx

instagram - @f_and_m

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  1. Ich habe die gleichen Schuhe und trage sie unheimlich gerne. Sind sehr gemütlich, auch wenn viele da anderer Meinung sind.