LIFE / one month

Happy Monthsary to us, Larrend! My boyfriend is the sweetest thing! 
Long distance sucks but we get by (thanks to Iphone) ...

He played the Piano Version of FOOLS TO CRY by Tegan and Sara... He doesnt know how to piano but he studied the keys for a month before we met here in Manila. I was blindfolded and he started playing the piano. I was crying and when the song ended, he asked me if he could be my boyfriend. I guess thats the proper way of asking someone out. haha.
thanks baby. !!! 


  1. such a sweet post! and an even sweeter boyfriend! happy monthsary, you two! i love all the photos!

    toni www.perfumedredshoes.com

  2. Aww, that is so sweet. Congrats!

  3. Aww you two.. I've been in a long-distance relationship for three years so I can relate. All the best hun :)