LIFE / Don't say nothing, Just sit next to me

After lunch,  he showed me his closet filled with clothes.There were so many printed shorts, sweaters and shirts .  I picked the clothes I've wanted to try. Before we knew it, we were dressing up as if we're going to an event. .  I styled his clothes , he styled mine. Then he took out the tripod and I gave him my camera. It was a fun afternoon..
We were playing sweet songs on his Iphone , it serenaded the whole house. 
We were sweating so much.... Her mom went out and we were alone in the house and in between takes we kissed and hugged and kissed ... When we get tired from laughing and talking , we just stare at each other and we let our eyes do the talking...
I think we took 50+ photos and ended up with these. haha.. I felt like an alien in the printed sweater but I like it.. 

We could be like this forever. So if you're with your boyfriend physically, treasure the moments and appreciate each other's presence. Take a lot of pictures and show the world. Be exposed. ...xxx

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  1. I LOVE YOU TWO OHMYGOD. Im so happy *tear*