LIFE/ Birth.day 2013

 He gave this present wrapped in silver foil  when we met in May. I was begging him to let me open the gift while we're together because he'll go back to OZ after that week. He din't allow me cos it's a bday gift. 
I opened it last night while we're on Facetime and i was crying so hard. It's not everyday that someone would pay so much effort in making a 200+page mini book of your blog photos. You're the best stalker , baby! Good Job!

Tonight i'll buy a bday cake. i don't usually do birthday things because I'm grumpy like that. haha
Saving money for my airplane ticket to Oz.. lol

I LOVE YOU, Larrend! 
Happy Birthday to me! Thank you readers for everything. You're my gifts too. it's my 4th birthday here on my blog..