LIFE / Larrend

Sorry for being away for too long. I usually update my blog on a daily basis but I went on a 2 week vacay to be with my Larrend. He is back in Oz now and I miss him so much.. These are some of our Instagram photos. I love that we share the same interest in photography. Early this year i talked to the "Universe" asking for a cute bf who knows how to dress up + with  muscles and tats and an eye for photography (so he could take my outfit posts lol coz you see boyfriends are the best photographers isnt it??  but seriously!) and i met him after 2 months... and we're doing great!
We'll see each other soon. Oh and expect to see many photos of us in my upcoming posts! haha

good day!


  1. you two look so in love! how wonderful, it makes me smile. xx

  2. wow. so you asked, and it was granted. I love it. You look really happy =)

  3. longlast for you two :D all the best!

    Pudding Monster

  4. omg you guys look sooooooo cute together! and I know, artistic boyfriends are the best, you can just share anything to them too, right?

    "Make Peace Not War" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

  5. WAH you two are so cute, I'm so happy for you! Glad I found you on Instagram too! You're right, boyfriends ARE the best outfit photographers :D

  6. Such a sweet and lovely couple!