DESIGNS / for jujiin

Last year , Jujiin asked me to design something for him.  Jujiin is a chameleon so it's not really difficult to please him. He is open for new things and foreign ideas. But still, he is THE JUJIIN so i kinda rattled. Come January, we (Gold Dot) were able to work with him for a campaign shoot and as a gift , we gave him these!! I wanna see him in something minimal coz i love minimalism. Jujiin is known for his outrageous conceptual x character dressing yet he said that he loved the design on sketch.. 

  The moment i tried it on I was so happy. I was even tempted not to give it to Jujiin na lelz. Jujiin wore it to 2 events already and he loves them so much. Din't know that white platforms look so goood IRL !!

check his photos here and here 

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