OUTTFIT/ LESS to Minimal

im beginning to recognize the power that lies beneath these doc marten's derby shoes +  this simple grey sweater , the cigarette pants and the structured skirt. I think Ive worn them too much and their endless possibilities of upgrading and undermining a look has proven effective. . And I wanna apologize if my sartorial choices are leaning towards the blanc and reduced side of fashion. I am beginning to be scared of prints and other graphics on clothes. I fear that it has to do something with my age this year. This June, I will be participating Bloggers United 5 so expect me to sell the printed things i have in my closet. Re-editing the closet is fun! Admit it, clothes are material things and no matter how sentimental they are to us, we will find reasons to let go of them. I am receiving emails already from my beloved readers on what I'll be selling on the said event. Well let see if im gon be so generous to sell this favorite sweater of mine.

uniqlo sweater / cos skirt / dr martens derby / comme des garcons pants


  1. Fantastic photos!! <3
    kiss from italy


  2. me too! i've also moved away from rambunctious prints in the last few years only to discover that there is something incredibly wild and special about a more minimalist approach towards fashion. i love your outfit - it looks so effortless and edgy. reminds me of tokyo street style a bit...xx

  3. Perfect