OUTFIT / spring summore 2013

i have finally accepted that this month is a t-shirt month.  Manila is becoming a sauna/oven city and it's only a matter of time that my wardrobe selection is gonna go haywire. There are days that I wanna step out of the house in a Hourani inspired outfit but any excessive layering can lead to fatality. Wearing a simple cardigan might kill you too (who knows) so for this day,  i wore this. i feel naked. 
Sorry if my pants aren't cuffed properly. it's hot i dont care anymohrr..

PRAY FOR PARIS shirt / Cotton on pants / Doc Martens shoes


  1. you look so gorgeous Karl! miss youuuu <3 xx

  2. You look absolutely stunning! that first photo.. hawwwt!

  3. Lookin' great, Karl :) Those pants are great :) <3