OUTFIT / knee fetish

it's April. It's supposed to be a tshirt weather but i love my monki sweater. i'll wear them til i get tired of them. the future is uncertain. we might die next month or i dunno so do what you love now. kiss a frog, eat a flower, kick your frenemy in the face, jump in the building .. with a parachute on! haha

and yes , the torn pants are making an appearabce again.. and the wedges. ughh.. i am on a clothing diet right now. i only keep few of the best.

MONKI sweater / Cheap Monday pants / United Nude wedges via solestruck.com


  1. the simple silhouette with dynamic vectors on the shoes (so lovely!)

  2. So simplistic yet great look! You're the master of heels, Carl, so cool!

  3. oh hunny,
    you allways blow me away with your finest comments!
    this sweater is awesome, the look and these pictures are puuuutiiiiiiifuuuuuulllll!
    and promise i'm gonna eat a flower, just for you.

  4. Hi dear!! I've just discovered your blog and its so amazing :)
    Beautiful pictures and its indeed an amazing post!! Im in love with your shoes!!
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