OUTFIT/ don't touch my denim

I'll never forget this outfit. It was a tiring night. I went home late because we ate dinner at some Chinese resto . Stuffed my face with massive servings of Peking duck and got dizzy cause of the high oil content perhaps. I took the bus ride at 12am and I slept. It was a 45-minute drive. When I woke up,  some girl sat beside me, knowing that she's harmless and okayyy, I continued sleeping . I was awakened by the funny smell of vomit and BAM. the harmless girl puked all she could have puked that night on my left sleeve AND on my shoes. Poor girl. Poor me. I guess she's drunk or dizzy or whatever . I was still thankful that it happend shortly before I reached my bus stop. Fun night though..

izod denim vest / denim cover up / zara drop crotch denim / ASOS boots


  1. Good morning! Wow~ these are really good denims!

  2. I love it when you wear denim, it's one of the few times I get to see you in another color besides black!