OUTFIT/ denim destroyed

. Summer makes us do silly things: swim and burn under the sun, eat junk foods , eat ice cream, drink 3 bottles of coke per day. Me? I dstroyed my pants so my knees could breathe. Ive been seeing a lot of torn jeans and it inspired me to modify these old Levi's.  It might be the perfect  boyfirend jeans but my boyfriend would love it more in this condition. haha. I am beginning to be minimal this year. I wana feel and experience PEACE at least in clothes and sometimes I wonder if i'm really keeping up. I always always ask the clothes first: "hey are you minimal ?" Just like the case of the torn pants. It was more minimal in its original state but I see no character hence i made a box slit. I would wana copy Marques Almeida's denim treatment but finding that perfect denim as a canvas was hard.

Swedish fashion has opened my mind. It made me realize that wearing black is okay even if youre not sad, big baggy shirts look great in any frame  , and that black pants are a must. I think this outfit summarizes what i perceive with them stylish Swedish. just be grateful for your weather ok? haha 

thrifted leather baseball jacket / Gray sweater from UNIQLO / pants - LEVI'S / Shoes- Dr Martens


  1. Always so inspiring,love!

  2. perfect pants- shoes combination