LOOKBOOK / Animalistic Youth 1.1 by STONE

Anything that involves shirts with pizazz brings me joy!Shirts with sheer cape, shirts with numbers (which is ubiquitous for months now)drape shirts, shirts with silver foil, shirts with 2 extra sleeves, shirts with peplum, shirts with side appendage, leather shirt, neoprene shirt, laser cut shirt, shirt that doesnt look like a shirt no more.... the list goes on forever. 

Last Tuesday, I received an email fro the founders of STONE clothing from NYC! They told me they found me on Instagram.  I opened the presskit and was appalled with the beautiful pieces! I mean I could totally wear them! It's a hybrid of minimal and the superlative in equilibrium. The blanc structured shirts was detailed strategically with inserts of varying kinds: python, lambskin, goat hair and my favorite Pony hair! It was a Margielic moment. Love how the austerity of the shirt was broken by the superfluous details in the center. It's actually  part eerie part interesting and intellectual and i would wish to see more!  When asked about their core inspirations, the designers told me how they were inspired with the places they go to in NYC: Zoo, Chinatown & the Bronx. This debut collection is a fresh start!  . I am quite positive that this brand will progress gloabally!

  It was created by Dana Mason & Bradley Dakota Scott
The menswear landscape typically allows for either formality or sportswear, while STONE envisions a new playing field that incorporates the strength of masculinity with the softness of whimsical design. Our vision is to fuse modern culture and innovation with etiquette and luxury. ​

pebbled lambskin

  you can get the shirts here . Know more about STONE here


  1. I really love the white with the black fur, which one do you love?

  2. this is sick babe !! ur blog is sooo inspiring!!!! i love this design so so much !! xoxo

  3. These pieces are AMAZING. I love the fur detailing at the back xx