LIFE / Things to come

SO so so so excited this year for GOLD DOT... our shoes will be available at STYLE NANDA korea. So so happy when the General Manager/ Buyer sent us an email regarding their interest. I wanna see Korean girls wearing our shoes. How do you say WERQQQ IT in korean? Also, we will be in Taiwan's hip indie store- BACKtoBRITISH that houses stuff from KENZO, Karl Alley , Rick Owens , .  I've been chatting with the creative director for months now and they are as excited to see the shoes. ASIAN market is the future! Sharing you photos taken while working in the GD headquarters... 

I look weird under the studio lights. 

meet KAYLA... will be out soon!! #holosnake


  1. So proud!! congrats:')

    also looking so model model (as always)! Haha

  2. Congrats! :)
    I LOVE your style!

    New post on http://mannysavenue.blogspot.it

  3. congrats babe!!!! things are only going to go up from here!!

  4. Great all black outfit. And yes I do DIY's and I love to draw as well, its just when I was making the collection I had no time to do any hobbies just focus on designing and making the new line. Now I am waiting for the weather to get nicer so I can do the photoshoot for it x