April is almost over and as we look forward to May and let us remember that heat stroke can  destroy lives . Just to undermine the febrile condition of Manila, feel free to enjoy the images below.. i took the photos on a hot sunday afternoon. I usually don't complain about the weather or the political situation or the ugly traffic because it's pointless, so i always re-focus my energy into the beautiful things in life. and right now, these are the beautiful things for me.. Last Fall, it was my leather jacket but now i don't even care about it anymore. i just want a tub of  ice cream and ice cubes 24/7!!!!


  1. Looking at these gorgeous photos is making me miss summer! Love the blues/yellows/whites scheme.

  2. You should take a trip to Scandinavia in the middle of january, maybe you'd change your mind ;)
    Lovely photos though!