INSPIRATION/ smoke in the 90s

REMEMBER this song in 1997-ish. I first saw Natalie Imbruglia's torn in MTV when i was 10. I was so curious and drawn with video because she was kissing a cute guy. I wanted to be Natalie. I wanedt her short androgynous hair (i dint know what androgyny means back then) , raspy voice and fresh talent.. Then after  a few months, I saw this dark video - SMOKE. It was so cool back then because the smoke effects were kinda forward plus her smokey eyes were so so damn good. I mean during that time whenever I hear the word make up, I imagine Geri Haliwells tricolor eyeshad and rouge lips. But Natalie's make up in the video was so fresh and ethereal in a Yohji Yamamoto kind of way. And yes her minimal black long dress was  a winner. Watching it now , given that I've been influenced by the works of Yohji and Rei Kawakubo , creates a nostalgic yet funny realization how some things are needed to be remembered in order to see the future. Oh whatever, i just love the music videos before as compared to now. Now , I barely remember an artist. haha I dont wana be so jaded about new things like our parents do whenever they hear new stuff in the radio. I miss the 90's. 
Pls ressurect the 90s singers.

natalie imbruglia x yohji? haha
another minimal music video in the 90s

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