INSPIRATION / calvin klein kind of grey

 Remember the late 90's when everyone's SO obsessed if not engrossed about the future..  There're countless rumors about the end of the world and the y2k bug that i never quite understood back then. All i remember was my love for Mtv! I watch cartoon network but most of the time , MTV was my daily musical score. So i'm sharing my fave music video of all time- Sober by Jennifer Paige. It wasn't much of a hit however the director Chris Applebaum made the video sharp, sleek and futuristic.. I love love the minimal elements: The clean white space, the stainless trashcan , grey couch , the silver bag, the square toe maryjanes , her grey outfit that Ivania Carpio aka LOVEAESTHETICS could wear  It's not usual to see an artist in a video clad in an all-gray outfit plus the minimal interiors  played an amazing backdrop  considering it's from a 1999 archive... I'm guessing she wore Calvin Klein in the  video. I only realized lately that the video is so fashown!  



  1. Super love the millennium-style minimalism of the late 90's!!!

  2. I love the way you have edit and composed these pictures. simple and beautiful!