DESIGNER/ Balmung #fanmode

 I've been a big fan of the young japanese designer , BALMUNG. He first started in 2008 and cultivated a massive following among Tokyo's top style denizens and stylegods like Diane Pernet,  Lady Gaga, Terence Koh , Yulia and many more.. His latest collection entitled TRASH UTOPIA was one of his best. It was a  melting pot of strong color and a dialogue of different textures and fabrics creating a new sphere in menswear experience. I know it's not smart to post private messages but i'm a #fanboy so lemme share with u his message the other week. haha.. follow him on instagram @hachibalmung 

  i die.. of course i hafta erase my #fanboy messages coz it annoys me. i love you BALMUNG.... 

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