OUTFIT / Pantone11-0601 : bright white

bleached and  clean.. wink*

 Trendphile cap / Joseph Aloysius biker / Costume National skirt / ASOS pants / Gold Dot wedges



Something fresh and bleached and opulent to put in my head aka cover my limp and style-less hair on days i want it hidden in the world.  In the world  where preying  and judging eyes exist. Thanks @trendphile for this lovely gift... 

get it here

OUTFIT / leathered , bleached

Weaning from outerwears and leather for aeration... 

Trendphile denim white cap / Cheap monday basic tank / Oxygen sweatpants / K-russ leather vest / Oxygen clear glasses / Love Aesthetics-inspired neckpiece / Gold Dot white wedges


DESIGNER / Mannish nuance

Falling in love with GLENN MARTENS' superb tailoring and gender blurring pieces .. you Belgian designers, you!!


OUTFIT / Post Teen

 This is my favorite shirt. It's a mild reminder that  post teen Life begins after 20. 
I'm turning 26 this year and it brings me joy when people tell me that I look even younger now than I was last year... Losing weight helps a lot. To celebrate the power of youth, I wore this tricky schoolboy shorts once again. I stopped wearing them when a friend told me how it distorts my short legs but i don't care anymore. They looked 10x better in this pose so forgive me for the repetitive poses! let me live! haha

Paradigm Shift shirt / COS shorts / ZARA leggings / Doc Martens Derby / Trendphile round specs


April is almost over and as we look forward to May and let us remember that heat stroke can  destroy lives . Just to undermine the febrile condition of Manila, feel free to enjoy the images below.. i took the photos on a hot sunday afternoon. I usually don't complain about the weather or the political situation or the ugly traffic because it's pointless, so i always re-focus my energy into the beautiful things in life. and right now, these are the beautiful things for me.. Last Fall, it was my leather jacket but now i don't even care about it anymore. i just want a tub of  ice cream and ice cubes 24/7!!!!


OUTFIT/ overall impact

if overalls were just as rampant as denim jackets, denim pants , floral leggings in the retail / market then i'd have a handful. Imagine the convenience of dressing up in onesies! no need to think of what pants to match the boxy shirt or what shirt could look rad with the carrot pants plus the ease of washing one garment in the laundry. I hope every retail has their own version of overalls/onesie/jumpers!! let's hope for that!

 onesie jumper - ISSEY MIYAKE / shoes - Doc Martens


Spent the first day of April with my fave people in the fashion industry. So thankful that we (Paradigm shift ) were included in this month's issue featuring the Legendary Models and the new wave of Filipino designers..  I will post the Paradigm Shift set on a different post. Thanks Metro Magazine most especially to Cai Subijano & Patrick Ty...

 Jessica Yang in Sassa Jimenez
 hello @martinbautista

my fave model Jess Yang 

 Sarah Meier
 Michelle Panemanglor
 Marina Benipayo
 team MAC Phlippines!!! xxx


 the rissa samson

 dove girl

 our muse for that day - Jasmine Maierhofer 

 Angel Jacob in PROUDRACE

Marchie Tamayo