THINGS/ rise of the machine

 My new babies are here!!!  Never thought I'd snag a pair of shoes from my dream shoe brand - UNITED NUDE but here they are. They're perfect.  Engineered, well-crafted and just lovely in all levels. The name's DELTA. So appropriate for the shoe design no? It's like a rad car from the future cursed by the bitchy shoe fairy and was transformed into  this to make wedge-addicted twinkies like me happpyyy.  The height, the heaviness (i love heavy shoes), the smelly genuine leather and the fit. Opening the box was a moment.I wish UN would have a diffusion line coz you know? #buyingwithinyourmeansproblems ... Thank you Solestruck.com  for the amazing service... will try to shop shoes every 3months. I'm re-editing my shoe closet. i'm planning to sell my heel less shoes *tears

get the DELTA wedges  here