RUNWAY/ i believe in goth the father almighty

lion hair this time.last season his soldiers came out as sonia rykiel x grace coddington x rei kawakubo hair which i loved to death.. . 
oh i miss my grandma. her lion hair.  i used to sleep in her bed during afternoons, 
and whenever we wake up together ,  she scares me and i can only cry so hard . 
"I am mufasa (lion king) rawrrrr" ...

and i'd be like: "but Mufasa is the good guy, silly!!"

not so long ago, Rick Owens was engrossed with the all the darkness and draping every season, 
which then  ratified his signature style amongst the others. 
There's Gareth Pugh , Saberi and Gongini and the other great goth gods 
but Rick Owens is like the power boss, the diva, the Mariah Carey of the goths. lol.. 
i'm totally  digging the erected collars and inflated forearms... sick sick sick owens.

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