no SLR? #bloggerproblemzzz

i was so pissed when this photo was taken. my brother kidnapped my slr camera but  good thing my mom came to the rescue, lending me her nikon digicam. #bloggerproblems.  i used it during the Gaga concert. i kinda overreacted when i got mad.. I've always wanted nice photos. i know i don't go to the beach or pose in the railroads and have all day just to create  fashion ME-ditorials (WAIT , did i just coin that? haha ) just for an outfit post and somehow i get jealous but in the process  but what i want is a really nice light grey and white background plus clear photos for the rest of my life... Normally, i don't like my face or how the light reflects on my visage whenever i do photos on some locations i'm not used to. haha. I liked the digicam-ed photos and it's not about the  ultra glossy content of an outfit post... One day when we are all tired of this, we are just gonna use our trusty skinny Iphone's and crackberry for blog photos.. it's actually happening. i have yet to post my instagram photos cos  the demon in me procrastinates every effin time!!  hhmm. Let's see who's gonna make a compact SLR first  with a size as big as a REVLON powder case. And i am not pertaining to those digi-SLR's that are  everywhere. it's 2013, do not dissapoint. 

okay, off to work. my undereye concealer is melting. must run to the airconditioned car now!!!
 cotton on  leather cap /  5preview shirt / woven leather jacket / kruss vest / ungaro leather pants / Gold Dot Helga boots 

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