instagram / 2nd week March

 I dont know if i can keep up with updating my IG photodiary but for now im quite enjoying this. haha.. i'm @inkarlcerating btw... 

i hope #radhourani sees this photo...
japan japan day ... wearing a maxi skirt to work hehe
ive always loved the feeling ..

i tasted the most delish marshmallow in the world. i dont even eat marshies, but MUJI makes the best ones. 

watched the #smmallofasiapyromusical2013 with mum and dad

"TISCI is to believe"
chopped my bangs, i wore a cap when dad said my hair looks fugly haha.

dinner date with my college bestfriend. we ate at a buffet. havent seen her for like 5yrs grrr.  i love u @shinald

 met up with team #osaccessories ... we played at timex..

rootbeer at 7 am while waiting for the office to open #earlybird 
#grimes day! i shouldav worn this cap to the concert. she wore this very same cap by @osaccessories ...
sleeveless day.. so lagkit summer is near
hello #grimes... i was kindov late, i was alone at the back but i dont care. was dancing with grimes' live music... 
alone in the bus at 2am.. zzzz passengers inside. 

had a date with my friend luis anastacio. Brought him the shoes he ordered from golddot . While eating our yogurt, singer angeline quinto sat at the table beside us..im kindov a fan since she's a regine fanatic too haha

  sunday workout day 


  1. omgod I think you're as big a foody as me! All this looks delicious and so obsessed with instagram :)

  2. i enjoyed this a lot! that pictures ah na nasa kama ah, haha! and super like that tongue out pic! :))

  3. You have great style! I love that 'grimes' photo - the cap is sick! So jealous you saw her too x