LIFE/ 2nd week- last week of MARCH

 Last days of March compressed in my iPhone photo album...
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repetitive black outfit
holy week in manila
white obssession

#ggss = gandang ganda sa sarili photos ... learned that from @superstarletxxx and @rcxyb



I am so partial with editorials that feature Korean models. They are the future. I was browsing LEOPARD&MILKSHAKE the other morning and bumped into this editorial. Before i knew it, i was saving each images, gasping while digesting the clothes, model, the photo. I seldom post editorials here but this. is. major. 

Photographer Rowan Papier
Model Sung Jin @ WILHELMINA

via http://www.LEOPARD&MILKSHAKE.blogspot.com

RUNWAY / the.office

 Generous proportions in everything : blazers, heel thickness. 
I have a big head and I realize that wearing extra big structured pieces as seen above can make it smaller. 


hey, you, boy

Meet my Larrend... 
cant wait for  May..

Odyll studios <3

Breaking jaw


Get away

more amazingggg photos>> here

OUTFIT / foil play

big bag . big coat . big number. big pants . small feet . small boy 

 DKNY coat / ParadigmShift shirt & bag / Soule Phenomenon wedges / Cotton on cap / Ungaro loose leather pants 


RUNWAY / Freedom x Restraint

If given a second chance to live, i wanna be born as a Celine woman.  I am . serious.

OUTFIT/ Heather.management

I have a neighbor who does silk screen on shirts.There was even a time when I was so close of getting my plain shirts numbered and printed.  #Statement shirts/sweaters? But whenever I think of Margiela circa 2010 , Helmut Lang , Hourani, I restrain , step back and appreciate the mystery and austerity of a blank slate.

wore this to the Bershka event..

 buy the skirt here 

Monki oversized sweater / Gold Dot skirt / ZARA  pants / United Nude wedges via Solestruck


THINGS / PINKY promise

what? it's legal to like pink especially if it's PVC..  i want the Charlie shoes by Deandri. 
On the other hand , i spot a smart shoes by Jeffrey Campbell too = Vinyl + Lucite in pink...

photos from NASTYGAL

RUNWAY / black ブラック

fall/winter 2013-2014

The strategic deconstruction and  celebration of formless forms   moved me!
i think it's time to match the bottom with the shoes... 
that can do the trick for  the vertically challenged guys like me..
i love that he  watered down  with the voluminous layers 
and  concentrated w/  cuts and  went heavy with the silhouette  story on most pieces .
but of course there were the esoteric and the
dramatically (signature )draped dresses
but i loved the androgynous pieces d'most .Them pieces that i could see myself into.
this man , who influenced the revolution of BLACK clothing , is    umbeatable.xxx 


OUTFIT / colorful in black

 Fave outfit. Love how the layers beefed up my torso. The exposed layers of vertical and diagonal lines plus the overlapping geometric panels create a beautiful sight....Uniform in color but not in length and cuts... i wish i have different sets of colors for this outfit. An all-Grey version of these pieces would look stellar , or  an electric cobalt of this outfit  will look extra super...

The sun shines differently in March.so proud to survive March without wearing colors. The summer fever can really get you with your color choices...  I was trying out some sandals last week and i really wanna buy the blue + green combo i saw in a store. i was so close in buying them but the dark conscience was strong and pushed me outside the store.