there's something on your heels

yey! these are the Pumps i designed for Gold Dot. love the idea that it sexualize a look. Pumps can either make a girl appear like she's in the prime of her career or just sexy. i hate the word but I guess pumps are the sexiest shoe ever created. It's like the first shoes we encounter ..remember our moms? i think most of them own a pair or two. Way way back, whenever she wears her pumps for work, she becomes different to me.  And how the sound of the heels hitting the floor signals that she's on her  way out. oh well, enough nostalgia.. 

I was inspired with shadows and blades and lightsabers and I thought that it wouldn't be possible to add an extension on the heels. Visually, it is appealing and peculiar. Last tuesday, me and the GD girls  visited homme et femme in Shang , and we were so surprised to see the  pumps form ACNE and Marni having the same heel detailing. Only the one from Marni was braid detailing stitched along the heels while the ACNE pumps have the raw  stitching detail  along the platforms creating an extended skin of leather... haha.. Cute!



  1. YSL has something similar...pumps with some pony hair on the heels...joane laygo has it