step into the light

ok i may not be the most O.C. person in the world but i deserve a pair of white shoes. Pointed and crisp and ....clean. I'm gonna meet the shoe supplier this weekend and have a pair made.. I'm tempted to like put a grey suede detail , or no? just make it creamy cool white in white faux matte leather.. smooth and erect.. There's an inner demon cajoling me to handpaint it in white ala Margiela but hmmm.. maybe it's a bit  too early to go artsy fartsy? they say the last photo that you see before you sleep can revisit u  in dreamland . so, join me in dreaming this white wonder wedges from H&M. they're only 50USD but heck! is it just me or any white shoe seem like they're a gazillion bucks!? So if im gonna have a pair of white shoes, i must have a pair of grey jeans or white jeans to go with it as well...and it would look complete  if i lighten up my hair color , right? jesus, endless unimportant dilemmasxzz..

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