HONEY , i'm home!!!

h at long last! the honey platforms that i've been lusting is now available! can't think of any shoes right now other than these! look at moi moodboard too.. and what's surprising is how comfy it is when worn. The arch isn't too high.  Hovering in comfort, who doesnt want that? I've always fantasized shoes that glow or  emit laser beam so here's a version of that. It's like  a Jedi's  lightsaber sanwiched inside the shoes.. How erotic! oh and dont get me started with the chain details.. ugh!


like a mass of sculpted granite


    the black & white straps create a slimming effect on the feet..
love that my blogger friends are always torn between the grey and the black one. i suggest getting them both

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  1. Your way of relating architecture and lights with these shoes is awsome!