I don't normally style my hair this way because revealing my high hairline is not cute at all. But cute becomes tiring over time. I looked  like a priest from the 1970s ..The priest from the Exorcist movie after the demon possessed the priest. But I am continuing this penchant for the subtle and restrained. It could be boring I know..How can a drape and geometric skirt be an object of surprise and envy versus those tiger printed sweaters and digi printed shirts? Only a few can understand and appreciate. Words  can only do so much in exalting the wonders of an outfit.

Over the course of this personal style odyssey , I can somehow conclude that what matters is how you genuinely enjoy fashion. Utilizing oneself to achieve that state of happiness though others would judge it as superficial. I still love fashion per se. The perpetual runways and collection , the 411's,  the sheer sensing of a rising trend for that season as if it's a global issue (because it is) and the beautiful clothes that can transform an imperfect body into something worth looking at. I'm not tired yet

Though Physically, I always get tired lately. Maybe because I've omitted rice in my diet. But no matter how you make eating a salad so festive and creative  , it wil still be a sad meal for me but health is health...I  feel weak or just  sleepy if not quite . Checking my instagram can sometimes be so difficult.  I'm 25 but somehow I feel that I've lived long enough. or maybe I just need a new playlist and everything will all be ok.


 COS- geometric coat / Cabane de Zucca vest / Comme des Garcons pants / Jeffrey Campbell shoes via solestruck


  1. awesome, as always! your shoes are the coolest thing i've seem since juun j masculine collection in summer 2012 (if I'm not wrong)


  2. LOVE this look... Your hair looks really handsome like that. And I always appreciate your perspective on fashion. Your enthusiasm for it always excites me! Also, I didn't know you have an Instagram! I'm going to find you right now!