choose the shoes

Apart from having the endless   wishlists that include attention-whore statement shoes , I also deal with that imaginary shoe conscience that is constantly with me when I browse stuff online. That same conscience who reminds me that shoes need to be comfortable and ... simple and not 6 inches high..

 When u shop for shoes , do you categorize it : dayshoes, workshoes, simpleday shoes, getlaid shoes, fashionweekshoes?... it's crazy and sometimes i end up buying none.  And the wide choices can also lead to confusion. I was on Solestruck the other day and I was staring at my laptop for as long as i can remember. I was choosing between Agyness Deyn x Doc Martens  (which can be an everyday shoes ) over the  tempting and badass  Cheap Monday wedges. Both priced the same. I need them both but i only have one photo on my hand (insert Tyra Banks GIF)...  The cycle goes on. Most especially that buying online isn't as easy peasy as i've imagined it to be. There are taxes, horrible queues in the postal office, and again the terrible tax. But being sorry about the situation will get me nowhere. Might as well be happy with the shoes i got from ASOS... hmm  so these  shoes would fall on #workshoes. Wish they have it in white but it's an old style and i was lucky i could fit into a 10.


  1. Ito ba yung suot mo today sa instagram mo? Ganda nito!

  2. Ugh damn taxes! How much do you usually pay for tax sa post office? Kakatakot bumili online cause I dont wanna pay thousands extra for the shipping+taxes.