Had the best time last Sunday. I was dead tired from the ARTFAIR event in Makati but when my friend Bon invited me to celebrate CNY in Chinatown , I literally lit up. Before I became obssessed with everything Japanese, I first fell in love with Chinese-y things. Chun Li was my first heroine! It all began with Chun Li... and Confuscius and Empress Dowager!!! then my strong fascination that 80% of the things we see are made from Chchchina. 

 We were late when we arrived in Chinatown. After being terribly squeezed  and nasally traumatized in the public train (on a Sunday , wtf!?) we were still happy with the idea of celebrating new year with all the fireworks and dancing dragons... But haplessly , there were no dragons in the road. No Chinese festive music. It was like a scene from the Walking Dead. So we went to Lucky China Town to discover that almost everyone was there... Chinatown within the chinatown. We ate dinner at WAI YING. It's so popular like Jollibee and you hafta wait in line. We came there at 8pm , and we were able to find a table by 9pm. Everything for a bowl of noodles and dimsum. It was worth it though I barely touched my food because my appetite wasn't in the mood anymore. I finished the botte of coke though. 

Mix of photos taken from iphone and camera. Why buy a digicam if you have iphone? It's so efficient! Most of the time, i had a hard time focusing images due to the low light condition (and i hate using the flash) so the trusty iphone filled the gaps.

Honestly, I was supposed to decline  Bon's invite but I watched GIRLS' episode 4 of season 2  last night . Remember the girl saying this to Hanna? : "This is your comfort zone, and here is where the magic happenszzz"..

 the best! HOPIA lite! no sugar... yum #engbeetin...

  walking the dead streets of China Town

  with Arni

  free ride

 happy year of the snakeskin!


  1. Chinatown LOVE! I dream of visiting Chinatowns all over the world! Haha! The lanterns are so nice to look at!